coco knows 

Whimsical Masks + Filters
       for Know-It-Alls

coco knows 

Masks for Know-It-Alls
Tight-woven cotton
shells + hydro knit filters

coco knows 

Tight-woven cotton shells + hydro knit filters

small batch masks

We combine a whimsical approach with intelligent design. Our reusable masks feature two layers of tight woven 100% cotton fabric to cover nose, mouth and chin. Our ties have reinforced stitching and may be secured behind head or ears. Masks have filter pockets, and each mask comes with (3) double-layer hydro knit filters.

Masks may be worn alone, with removable filters, or over N95 respirators. These are non-medical masks for personal use, per the CDC recommendations. Mask shells are intended for frequent wear/washing.  Filters are intended for single use. Additional filters available in packs of ten. 


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masks & filters

One size fits most. Each mask comes with (3) filters.

inside filter pocket

Single Use double-layer hydro knit Filters – 10/$6

FloofY – $15 (bow not included)

YUMMY – $15

floweRY – $15

bugGY – $15


new styles weekly

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